Santa Fe Mountain Fest

  Santa Fe is the southernmost “mountain town” in the Rocky Mountains. Santa Fe Mountain Fest will feature an enticing array of bite-sized adventures and bite-sized tastes that make Santa Fe an incredible destination for great food, hand crafted beverages and the great outdoors. Welcome to Life at 7,000 feet!


Sept. 9 to 15, 2019


The Railyard Park and locations around Santa Fe


  • Showcase Festival – live music and fun in the Railyard Park
  • Tour de Brewer – Local Brewery Tasting Bike Tour
  • Tour de Brunch – A late-morning ride with three food and drink stops
  • Santa Fe Haka – A Mountain Bike Adventure Ride
  • Caja del Rio Gravel Grinder – A back road and trail tour
  • The Direct Route – A point to point trail running adventure
  • Outdoor adventure for the whole family


Coming Very Soon!